Approved Projects

Since January 2013, and our partners have lent $75 million to 42 SME businesses. These repayable loans are for startups to late stage commercialization businesses. Here are some of the businesses and projects we have helped fund:

  • The building of integrated solar panels on new home construction. Vies Solar Company creates innovative solar panels designed for residential use on roofing with a seamless design. They are up to 50% more efficient than current add-on solar panels and feature advanced proofing from the elements.
  • Eco-friendly disposable containers for hospitals. Every day, hospitals go through thousands of containers. Edge Wellness has created an eco-friendly, sanitary and durable container that can be used in the hospitality and food industry as well.
  • Retrofit senior homes with Japanese toilet seat bidets. Jbidet helps distribute Japanese style toilet seats throughout North America and is working with senior homes across the region by retrofitting toilets with seats that help manage sanitary health. Working with distributors in Asia, Jbidet is able to lower the toilet seat price to an affordable rate for senior homes.
  • Making sound-proof products with recycled tires. Olive Soundsystems works with local waste agencies and auto shops to recycle used automobile and truck tires and turn them into sound-proof products for commercial and residential buildings. They also design and create a number of products with used tires, including instrument bags and music products.
  • Revitalizing bee colonies. Bee colonies are in danger of disappearing. Ecobee has developed organic solutions to control the mites that destroy honey bee colonies.

To date have helped its members:

  • Increase sales by $80 million
  • Create and maintain over 1,000 full-time jobs
  • Develop new innovative products or processes and expand into new markets
  • Plan for the future employment of over 2,000 individuals